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Bordeaux 2005 wines

Bordeaux 2005 Vintage Most wine experts would describe the Bordeaux 2005 vintage as "a text-book harvest for all of Bordeaux. The sun shone almost permanently and the showers came exactly when and where required to add the final touch, and all this after a dry hot season, during which what little rain there was fell just before all the vital sequences of the vine's cycle.

Burgundy 2005 wines

Burgundy 2005 Vintage As with Bordeaux, the 2005 vintage for Burgundy is exceptional for both red and whites. In 2005 weather conditions were ideal, plenty of sun to ripen the grapes to ideal conditions and a spatter of rain just when it was required. Wines for top producers are in very high demand and short supply.

Burgundy 2005 wines

Some pointers to help you match wines from our shop with food for special dinners (such as Christmas dinner).